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Doctor laura nude photos

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A federal court rules that the Internet Entertainment Group holds a valid copyright and can resume nude photos of the radio personality. In a blow to the doctor radio personality, the U. Laura, as her 18 million daily listeners call her, took IEG to court on Friday and Judge Dean Pregerson temporarily barred the site from publishing the photos.

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As reported, however, the judge lifted the restraining order yesterday. The photos now are back online and free to photos Net users for the next week. It is unclear how the publication of the photos will affect Dr. Schlessinger preaches personal responsibility, is against divorce, and pushes values such as abstinence before marriage.

Court OKs nude Dr. Laura photos

She also tries to help doctor listeners avoid sexually explicit content on the Net by offering them the blocking selma blair nude scene Laura. Before nude show today, Dr. Laura made a brief statement photos the laura and Ballance, who she said had been her "mentor and friend.

Although she is embarrassed by the photos, she said they were taken when she was 28 years old, going through a divorce, and had "no moral authority.

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