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Dick grayson and starfire comics

And with women like Oracle and the princess of Tamaran, I don't grayson him. A Bird of Prey or a Teen Titan?

Dick Grayson and Starfire?

Both have been engaged to the newest man to don Batman's cowl, but their nuptials have ultimately been ruined. As hot as Princess Koriand'r is, I truly believe Dick belongs with Barbara, because they come from a very similar background. Who do you think? I like Starfire, though I prefer Babs, but nightwing91 hit the nail on the head; nightwing91 said: It was and titans where he became his own man starfire the titans he met his true love.

Nightstar (comics)

Babs is great, but being with her keeps him tied to the Bat books and less of comics own man. Dick has earned his place as his own man. No longer a Robin, no south coast nudist beaches even Nightwing. First Starfire, then flirting lightly with Power Girl. But I gotta go with Babs.