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Dick clark tv bloopers and practical jokes

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Was occasionally brought back in the early s, but clark much retired when Dick Clark had his stroke. Inspired by the British ITV outtakes program It'll Be Alright on the Nightwhich beginning in popularized the idea bloopers showing film and television bloopers to the general public. The show was the result of merging three different series of specials that had been earlier shown on NBC: Johnny Dick Favorite Practical Jokesin which the The Tonight Show host played practical jokes practical famous people including one where he made it look like Ed McMahon had been stealing office supplies ; produced by Carson Productions.

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TV's Greatest Commercialsin which Ed McMahon presented an hour of historic commercials; also produced by Clark's production company. A regular feature presented five or six foreign or American commercials. A memorable which involved backstage workers, an elephant, and a marching band.

Super Bloopers and Practical Jokes

At least three bloopers turned up. A question in which catherine hicks nude clip contestant had to identify a license plate's state from its design shown on the video walljokes that this license plate had the state's name left on.

Dick has and saying "Bill Blass".