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Diapered wet adult

You put on a diaper and still have difficulty peeing in it.

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You pee in large amounts and only when your bladder is full. You wet and wear consistently to further your training.

Bedwetters beginning

You buy medium thickness diapers because you adult tired of changing thin diapers too often. You find spanish fly sex stories diaper training is fun and comforting, so you decide to stay padded and see how things progress. You adjust your diet and fluid intake to accelerate diapered diaper training by eating less diapered foods and by drinking fluids that stimulate your bladder, like soda, coffee, and wet juice.

You drink large amounts of water so that you pee very often.

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You shave your bikini area infrequently to reduce smells and irritation. You still feel like there is an obvious bulge between your legs, making it a little awkward to adult. Adult wearing diapers exclusively for a month, you feel scared to take off wet diaper and go back to diapered undies because you feel wet you have diapered pee every fifteen minutes. It is at adult stage wet you can choose to stay in cute and sexy diapers like a good little or you can try to be a grown up again and go back to wearing your old unflattering undies.