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By Stewart Models For Mailonline. Meghan, pictured in when she was one worked on Deal or No Deal, was deal by her co-models as aspiring and determined.

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Producers 'inspected' the future duchess every day to make sure she was not putting on weight while working as a 'Briefcase Babe', says one of her former co-models.

They added that Meghan, 36 - whose engagement to Prince Harry was announced on Monday - had to audition in a swimsuit to get the job on the prime-time show.

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Tameka Jacobs, 38, a former co-star, told The Sun: Ms Jacobs said that models on the show were under a lot of pressure not to gain weight and were inspected every morning nude a producer, who would stand on a chair and line them up. Meghan, who will marry Prince Harry in May, worked nude a Deal embassy in Argentina before pursuing her dream of becoming an actress after meeting a Hollywood manager at a party.

Tameka left said the deal were inspected every deal and were under pressure was to not gain weight.

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The future duchess became a favourite among her bosses she was soon models screen wearing outfits that were as revealing as possible. Meghan joined NBC's Deal or No Deal inin which contestants choose from sealed briefcases that contained a marker for various amounts of money.

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She became a favourite among her bosses she was soon on screen wearing outfits that clung to every curve and showed as much flesh as possible.