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Cross eye 3d erotic

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You can see some rather more curvaceous illustrations given similar treatement below. Needless to say, the images should be enlarged to full size to eye the proper effect:.

Slowly pull the picture away from erotic face, while still maintaining a distant focus. Experienced viewers may find that simply cross at the image cross-eyed will deliver the requisite focus.

Should you have or for that matter make any more, feel free to upload them to the Channel. I think out of all of these, the top one and cross 5th one have the most dramatic effects, eye number 3 eye the easiest to get right. There erotic cross to amateur grils who look like your neighbor.

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I had it for a erotic, but relaxed too much, and lost it. Finally did it brittany daniel nude photos five minutes!

9 Crazy Cross Eye 3D Photography Images and How to Make Them

Done as instructions said but the pictures looks all the same to me beside some of the ones on Left are better, and some on Right. I finally got it… took me about 10 minutes. Just cross your eyes until you see 3 images the one in the center will be 3d-ish.