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Cat peeing small amounts frequently

Discussion in ' Cat Health ' started by smosmosmoJun 8, Jun 8, 1.

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She's 3 years old and spayed, and I've had her for about three months. In that time she's been fairly consistent with her eliminations, and pees times daily.

Her pees became slightly irregular 10 days after I got her a new litter mat, but nothing out of the normal range.

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I got concerned last Friday though because she'd only peed once in 24 hours, and thought it might be due to the new mat. I switched it out with her old one peeing she seemed back to normal, but then stopped pooping.

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The constipation continued until Monday, but we finally got her to poop after mixing olive oil then Laxatone into some wet food. She saw the vet on Tuesday, and he confirmed that she was still slightly constipated but that she didn't have a UTI.

I have been concerned though frequently her pees gay cruising places denver colorad look the same as small used to. She seems to be using the box amounts frequently in the evenings and peeing cat smaller amounts.