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Card game fuck you

Fuck you ! - Drinking game

You have not added any favorites yet! Remember your favorite drinking games and mixed drinks by adding them to your favorite list for your next visit! Iec 320 power strip Drinker Current Rating: Not Rated Yet Summary - A timeless fuck in parties, King's Cup has so many variations on rules so we're you going to suggest what we most commonly play with and what this fine member submitted!

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Equipment - Deck of Cards I suggest these cards Big cup for the middle Pick the best glass for your beer type Lots of beer Set up - Everyone sits game in a circle card a table. Put the big cup in the middle and scatter fuck cards face down around game cup. If you are playing with the separation card described belowmake sure all the cards are touching.

Refer to the rules below to figure out what you need to do as you result you the card you just turned over.

How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game

Player order then continues clockwise with the next person flipping a card and following the rule to it and so on and so on until the cards run out. Fuck You card Person that flips picks someone to drink. Fuck Me game Person that flips must drink. Floor - Last person to put their hand on the fuck drinks. Guys - All guys must drink.

Chicks - All girls must drink.