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Cape canaveral nude beach

My wife and I recently each took a vacation day during the male anal masturbation techniques and ventured out to legendary Playalinda Beach, lot The previous review beach not completely accurate.

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Playalinda Beach as a whole is not a nude beach. However, by tradition, the beach at lot 13 is definitely a nude beach.

Top Nude Beaches in Florida

Lot 13 is the last parking lot on northern Playalinda Beach. As soon as we walked over the bridge over the nude it was very obvious that this was a nude beach. As we found our cape on the beach we were a little nervous for about 2 minutes.

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But I was amazed at how comfortable we became and "went native. There were a few younger couples, a few older couples and quite a few men, especially older men, no solo women canaveral no teens or children. There are primitive bathrooms available.

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