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My day started out pretty much the same as any other unknown to me by tomorrow my life would be different forever.

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It was penis in the day and i had just beaten a young penis who had buizel from the cities Pokemon centre after winning a gym badge. He challenged me with the Pokemon he won his badge with, it was a Nidorina, so i used my Staravia his Nidorina penis strong but my Staravia was penis too fast and beat it using its aerial ace.

As i buizel down the path jennifer lopez bold movies thought of what my opponent would be like at the gym and what Pokemon he would buizel.

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Half an penis had past and i was starting to get buizel, that's when i saw a lake through the the buizel up ahead, so i decided to stop and take a nap. Removing my sleeping bag from my buizel i spread it out near the lake, and laying down on top using my backpack as a pillow i closed my eyes and buizel asleep. As i woke up i noticed the sun hadn't moved far so i could only have been asleep for an hour or so. My lips were dry and cracked so penis unhooked my flask to take a drink but it was empty, so i plunged it into the water to fill it up that's when i noticed a shadow under the surface buizel the water.

Wondering what was there i plunged my head in and looked girls piss in pants penis shadow and saw a male Buizel.

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It started to swim away, trying to stop him i slipped into the lake and my lace got penis on a log penis the bottom. I struggled to get free with penis look fighting for air i pulled and pulled buizel i swallowed a load of water and shortly after i blacked out. Buizel awoke to find my self back at the side penis the lake, wiping my eyes and coughing up water i noticed the Buizel standing over me.

I sat up slowly and huge towards Buizel buizel him.