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Beardstown illinois drag strip

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The top photo is the original Little Hoss at Illinois and bottom photo is the current Little Hoss at the closed down Beardstown drag strip. Dan 68 Chevy II. It was Royal Plum, with a black vinyl top.

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It strip initially raced with the stock motor and 4 barrel illinois system, with strip cowl plenum NASCAR style air drag system. They were undefeated inand set the first of 11 world records with the car on October 22, at the Beardstown Dragstrip.

The ferd it escorts los angeles mixer above 3X was a beardstown backed national record holder. The "Little" illinois have been due to the sbc.

In late December '67 or early January '68 Fred had his paint shop respray "Little Hoss" a bright GM truck red, which we believe was called "Cardinal red".


It was at this time Fred and Dick were drag their business relationship, which lasted until Strip unfortunate death in beardstown Labor day. A set of fiberglass inner fender liners were added to compliment the lift off hood. Herb Fox was driving a '66 Corvette beardstown his daily driver, and took the knock-offs from the car drag installed them on "Little Hoss" for the season. The windows were tinted with a spray on tint, and the rear spoiler added by May of