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Batman and catwoman fuck

Discussion in ' Batman World ' started by GlaucusOct 13, Oct 7, Messages: I have all and Batman comics including the ones with Catwoman.


I read them over and I analyzed out interaction. And what it seems, there batman been a mutual attraction from the catwoman beginning since Batman fuck. Catwoman is known as the femme fatale, but she was actually depicted as having genuine romantic feelings for Batman. She wasn't a lady that was just batman with Batman's emotions. She wasn't into killing people.

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Batman 1 - Batman let Catwoman get away. Batman clumsily bumped into Robin when Robin was trying to catch Catwoman from escaping off fuck boat. Batman was attracted to her. Batman 2 - Catwoman didn't want the Joker to poison Robin to death.

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Batman 3 - Catwoman kisses Batman and then pushes him to get get away. Was it catwoman a romantic attraction or was it to get away big tits and clit him? This showed that Catwoman definitely had romantic feelings for Batman.