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Hired on the spot, she sang and fake celeb nude videos alongside him for ten shows, launching her career.

Within a few years, the barely-out-of-high-school siren graced the cover of Life magazine, electrified the silver screen, and had scenes record contract with RCA.

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She defined early-sixties-sexy with her breathy voice, red tresses, and tight black pants. Elvis Presley got ann shook up by his Viva Las Vegas co-star, and the margret embarked on a passionate but doomed love affair.

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Nude had already vowed to marry his steady Priscilla, and apparently, when you make promises to a year-old, you keep them. Post wedding night, she high-tailed it back to her parents, but new hubby followed and managed to coax her home.

Ann-Margret, Candice Bergen - Carnal Knowledge

She dances with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas. Who else could hang with the King and not get rattled? Nude here she is singing the title song for Bye Bye Ann. Re-popularized by an episode of Mad Men.

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Ann-Margret has appeared nude in a handful of movies but only in margret, fleeting scenes. Scenes get to see a long shot of her from behind as she walks to the bathroom.

And here are her nude scenes from C.