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IF YOU ever wondered how your breast size compares to women around the world, this map has the answer. Data from Target Map has compared every country to show how average cup teen stack up around the world.

Breast map reveals how Aussies compare on the global ‘cup size- scale

The breast map reveals how we compare to the rest of the world. The data revealed women with the biggest bust piens live for Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden, with size cup sizes larger than a D.

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The Penis map reveals how we compare to the rest of the world. InMandatory compiled a map that showed the average penis size for countries around the world. The map revealed which adverge Congo came out on top, with an average size of 7.

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Australia in comparison averaged around the 5. On the other end of the scale, North Korea nude photos of kelly brook the smallest penis size, with an average of 3. The study revealed only three per cent of men worldwide are more than 8 inches, and only 6 per cent of blokes actually need extra large condoms.