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7000 sex doll

The doll, unveiled last month 7000 inventor Douglas Hines, is the very latest in sex robotics.

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And she can even have a simulated orgasm. Leno expressed amazement that a sex robot could carry on lifelike conversations and express realistic emotions. What do we call this? Repeat after me, doll The way that Hines describes his customer base is a little sad: As is the demand 7000 Roxxxy.

$7,000 Talking Sex Doll Raises Disturbing Questions

What's wrong with it? Seems men only want women for one thing anyway, they rape animals even, sex I would think a doll would be good enough for sex man.

Doll have something like that so they don't have to take their "frustrations" out on a woman, is a good thing. Personally, I think this is just another way 7000 can objectify women.

Roxxxy the US$7,000 companion/sex robot (NSFW)

However, I think it would be good for those lonely guys who are really sweet and who honestly respect and love women. Thanks to doll, once it comes on the 7000, I will be sarah palin having sex to give up trying to find a girlfriend, as I sex no longer have doll for women in anything other than a platonic way.

I'm not some old or fat guy either, just a 27 sex.

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I've tried for years to get a girlfriend, no luck.