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4 year old peeing on floor child behavior

I am upset right brenda venus nude pics and am floor in here for some adice. My daughter is peeing years old and has been fully potty trained since she was 26 months.

Any tips for defiant peeing or pooping?

Earlier this evening I walked in her room because she was laying in bed and being really quiet. Its not normal for her.

Shes very active and outgoing child. I went over to her bed and kissed her and asked her if she is ok and she behavior yes mommy.

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She was watching tv in her room and When I old her I thought I smelled something funny. I ignored it and walked off.

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I later told her to pick up her toys and get ready for dinner and I went to move a chair and I found her soaked panties and soaked blue jeans hidden in child corner. She literally stood in the corner took her pants off and panties off and got into bed with pajama's on smelling like Urine.

I am not sure why she would just literally pee her pants and find year amusing. When I confronted her she kinda smiled at me but she didn't laugh. Should I be concerned?